Why Hévíz?

Hévíz is the health center of Southwest-Hungary, which contrary to its small size has a huge reputation. Thank to the unique lake in the middle of the city it became the second most  popular city in Hungary by 2012.
Though the Romans were already aware of the healing effects of Lake Hévíz, it gained popularity with the help of György Festetics in the 18th century and its reputation has remained unbroken ever since.

What makes it unique?
Is it different from any other rural Hungarian town? Most definitely! Despite the fact that the life of the city is largely determined by tourism - visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year - Hévíz is characterized by tranquility, harmony, cleanliness and security and has a spa culture that reaches back to over 200 years.
Every corner of the city is entertwined with innovation, wether it's about beauty, gastronomy, medicine and rehabilitation, or even infrastructure.
The proximity of Lake Balaton, the neighborhood of Keszthely, and the hilly landscape of Zala, which surrounds the city only adds to its uniqueness. The combination of all of these factors makes Heviz - to put it simply - very liveable.

Life vs investment
From the previous lines, everyone can decide whether they would prefer to enjoy Heviz's uniqueness themselves on the long run, whether they want it as a place to provide an exciting future for their parents or children or whether they prefer to look at Sunshine Residence as a wonderful investment opportunity. 
Let your purpose of being on our website be any of the above, we can promise you that quality, health, and return on investment will certainly be added to your decision by us.

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